Friday, March 02, 2012

Restaurants Re-Train for Customized Service

Ask any good instructional designer or training content writer what makes a training program successful, and chances are the word "customized" will be part of their answer. Business today is much more layered than even a few years ago, with sub-markets within markets, and niches within sub-markets, each requiring customized training solutions.

Interestingly, corporations aren't the only ones with an increased appetite for training ROI. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article, titled
"How Waiters Read Your Table", which highlights restaurants that are re-training wait staff to increase sales with a more customized dining experience.

Companies are moving away from standard training scripts to methods that will have customers eating out of their hands. Through personalized or more "situational selling", the best waiters know what type of service customers prefer before they tell them.

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