Friday, August 17, 2012

Innovation is Not Innovative

Does the word "innovation" appear anywhere in your marketing? Is "innovate" in your company vision or mission? Well, word on the street is that there is nothing innovative about innovation, at least not the way most companies use the word.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article Leslie Kwoh writes, "Like the once ubiquitous buzzwords 'synergy' and 'optimization,' innovation is in danger of becoming a cliche - if it isn't one already."

How can you write compelling web copy and marketing collateral without using "innovate" or "innovation?" Try using one of these words instead:
  • Change
  • Create
  • Cutting edge
  • Development
  • Different
  • Distinct
  • Evolution
  • Invent
  • Novel or novelty
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Pioneer
  • Unique
  • ...or any variation of the good old-fashioned "New"
Whatever you're writing about, choose your words carefully. Plain honesty beats flowery hyperbole every time.

Sally Bacchetta
Onwords™ column
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