Thursday, October 02, 2014

Training Face Off: Online vs. Traditional

I'm all for taking sides when it makes sense. That said, I usually find debates about online vs. traditional learning kind of pointless. Much like debates between work-at-home and traditional career moms - "best" and "right" are defined situationally, in context; there is no actual "best" or "right." Is eLearning as good as face-to-face instruction? Is it better? Is the learning as sticky? It depends on the situation.

Lorri Freifeld's Training Magazine feature Online vs. In-Class Success is refreshing because Freifeld recognizes the importance of context when designing instruction and writing content. Training isn't an either or proposition; it's a What is the best training solution for this specific constellation of learner characteristics, performance objectives and resources? proposition.

That is the fundamental question instructional design should answer correctly. Every time.

Sally Bacchetta
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